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Great Gifts for the Newly Engaged

Has your Facebook newsfeed turned into the New York Times “Engagements” section? There must be something in the hot cocoa… what is it about frigid temps and Douglas firs has inspired all of mankind to drop to one knee and propose? Whether a cousin, niece, college roommate or neighbor you probably know someone sporting some new hardware. This could be the last time either bride or groom is eating candy before the wedding diet starts, so why not congratulate them with sweets? Chocolate says “I love you!”

Champagne Bottle, Solid Chocolate

After the celebratory champagne has been poured and the newly minted couple has been toasted everyone must deal with the very real consequences of a hangover. Remember this is an engagement, not a Ke$ha music video. A solid chocolate champagne bottle is guaranteed to be hangover free!

Champagne Bottle

Teddy Bear, Truffles and Red Wine

Listen, this couple has no idea what the next year and a half of wedding planning has in store. I’m talking guest list negotiations, rogue bridesmaids, and that perennially single friend who is already begging for a plus-one. Soften the blow with writing a paper chocolate, red wine and a teddy bear to provide comfort when their thoughts turn toward just eloping.

Teddy Bear, Truffles & Red Wine

Cherry Vanilla Cotton Candy

With a heart on the label and an abundance of fluffy pink sugar, the Cherry Vanilla Cotton Candy is sure to melt even the least sentimental heart. The flavor is a little tangy and a lot sweet, just like actual love.


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