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Custom logo chocolates are a great wat to show your clients, employees and associates that you appreciate them in a genuine and thoughtful way. Not only will you improve relations, but also make a lasting impression. At Chocolate Storybook, we offer a wide selection of corporate gifts with your company logo engraved  in pure Belgian milk, dark and white chocolate. Browse our selection of personalized chocolate assortments, chocolate bars, foiled chocolate shapes, stickered chocolate assortments and wrapped chocolate candy bars.

19 pc Assortments
19 pc chocolate assortment with custom labels
45 pc assortments
2 assortments of logos imprinted on chocolates
1 lb. Chocolate Bars
Large chocolate bar with company logo and packaging
1/2 lb. Chocolate Bars
assortment of giant chocolate bars
2 lb. Chocolate Bars
large Belgian chocolate bar
Wrapper Chocolate Bars 2×3
2x3 chocolate bars custom logo
4 pc Stickered Assortment
4 pc Stickered Truffle Assortment
Wrapper Chocolate Bars 2×5
Chocolate bar with logo and wrapping
15 pc. Stickered Truffle Assortment
gold wrapped truffles assortment with logo sticker
1/2 lb. Stickered Chocolate Assortment
1/2 lb box of chocolate wrapped in gold with a custom logo sticker
1 lb. Stickered Chocolate Assortment
1lb. gold wrapped chocolate assortment logo
1.5″ Foiled Coins
2 chocolate coins in gold foil.
Foiled Rectangles 1.5″x2″
2 foiled chocolate rectangles in blue
Foiled Squares 1.5″x2″
2 chocolate squares in blue foil

To start your order, email your logo in vector art along with as much information about your custom gift to


Chocolate Storybook has been a trusted destination for fully custom, unique chocolate gifts for over two decades. We understand that logo chocolates are not simply gifts, but the foundation to building authentic and lasting relationships with your constituents. Our friendly staff will assist you with choosing the right gift to promote your brand on any budget.