Founded in 1985, the Chocolate Storybook is a beloved destination for delicious handmade chocolates and unique gifts. We are located at 1000 Grand Avenue in West Des Moines.

For 26 years, we’ve been helping Iowans with the art of gifting. From lavish gift baskets and towers to simple boxed chocolates or custom logo chocolates, the Chocolate Storybook is sure to satisfy. From the moment they receive a package with our distinctive rabbit embossed gold seal, recipients know they are in for something special.

Our chocolate recipes are made in the time honored way, before food additives dominated the market. Making these fine chocolates is as much an art as it is a science. Our creamy caramels are still made by slow cooking in an open copper kettle to achieve the ultimate in taste and consistency. We use only the finest ingredients available—country fresh cream, real butter, real chocolate (not imitation compound coatings), corn and beet sugars and choice fruits and nuts.

During the last decade, we have increased our factory and developed new product lines.  We also are a full-service shipping and delivery company-we ship over 15,000 packages each year.

We look forward to seeing you in our store or visiting us online!
-Meg and Steve Shearer