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Share something decadent

Since 1985, Chocolate Storybook has been a beloved destination for delicious handmade chocolates and unique gifts. We know that taste is only part of the equation. Each Chocolate Storybook item is designed to be a masterpiece in the art of gifting.

Chocolates and sweets bring people together. They make perfect gifts for family members and friends, they liven up any party and they create smiles wherever they are tasted. Our mission at Chocolate Storybook is to provide those good feelings for yourself and those you share our treats with.

Chocolate Storybook treats are also perfect for the office. Each deliciously shareable Chocolate Storybook creation, from lavish gift baskets and towers to simple boxed chocolates or custom logo chocolates, is a memorable gift for coworkers and clients, families and friends. They are items that are thoughtful and popular. That’s the art of gifting.

Experts in Sharing for More Than 30 Years

For us, the goal is perfection. Chocolate-making dates back four thousand years and we’re committed to mining all the secrets of this centuries-old process to find recipes that people will crave for years to come.

Our chocolate recipes are made in the time-honored way, before food additives dominated the market. Making these fine chocolates is as much an art as it is a science, but one thing is abundantly clear–only the finest ingredients will do. Country fresh cream, real butter, real chocolate (never imitation compound coatings), corn and beet sugars and choice fruits and nuts. These are the items you’ll find in our kitchens.

You’ll also find recipes of classic distinction. We have creamy caramels that are still made by slow-cooking them in an open copper kettle. We take our time to make sure that each item is sculpted into a morsel of such delight, it’s everything our seasoned chefs can do to resist picking it up off the table and popping it into their mouths. That joy is reserved for you.

Sharing What You Want, Whenever You Want

What makes Chocolate Storybook unique is our desire to deliver whatever is asked of us. If you want a custom tower with the items of your choosing, we’ll do what we can. If you want chocolates in a unique shape, flavor or design, we’ll get working on it. We ship anywhere in the United States (15,000 packages a year!) all in the hope of delivering on a simple promise: You deserve whatever you want.

Want to start your Chocolate Story? We want to hear from you and more than that – we want to help you share something good.