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2016 Holiday Must Have List

Thanksgiving is just days away and the countdown to Christmas is on! Don’t get caught doing your shopping at a gas station on your way to the holiday party. This year use our handy guide to find cute, thoughtful gifts for everyone in your life.


  1. Gorjana Power Gemstone Bracelet Rose QuartzBlond Genius, $33

If you believe gemstones have healing powers you can count on quartz to bring you energy and clarity. If you don’t believe gemstones have healing powers you can count on this bracelet to bring you a fashion-forward look and outfit cohesion.


  1. Drunken Stout CaramelsChocolate Storybook, $23.95

It’s next to impossible not to have a self-proclaimed beer snob in your life. You know, the one who reads Beer Advocate, talks incessantly about micro-breweries, and is always trying to get you try their home brew? Fill their mouth with Drunken Stout Caramels and enjoy a few minutes of quiet.


  1. Space-Saving Wine Rack Woodsmith PlansThe Woodsmith Store, $9.95

Chip and Joanna Gaines do not get to have all the fun. Not only does this wine rack free-up counter space, it also provides a protective fortress around your delicate glass stemware. If you’ve lost a wine glass to the counter, sink or pantry this is your solution.


  1. Holiday Picnic BasketChocolate Storybook, $59.95

Leading up to Christmas social media becomes a banner of engagement announcements. I recommend giving this picnic basket to the most sickeningly cute couple you know and sending them into the forest to picnic. This way, they can flaunt their love to woodland creatures for a change.


  1. ListographyWicker and The Works, $16.95

Listography, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…in list form. This book is sure to bring countless hours of enjoyment to that type-A person in your life. Heck, double up your purchase so you have your own copy at the ready for those pre-holiday grocery runs.


  1. Chocolate Caramel AppleChocolate Storybook, $11.95

The holidays are the perfect time for anyone to jump start their New Year’s resolutions. Have a friend that’s always talking about healthy eating? Give them the gift that says, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Be a little naughty and a little nice with this decadent fruit.


  1. “Celebrate” 7” PlaqueSticks, $126.50

If loving a Santa cat and Elf dog is wrong, I don’t want to be right. I dare you to look at this and not laugh.  The perfect gift for the Christmas aficionado who has it all or that friend who keeps inviting you to their pet’s birthday party.



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