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Does “shopping small” matter?

This Saturday, November 26th is Small Business Saturday. A national day where consumers are encouraged to patronize their local area businesses or “shop small”. That’s all well and good, but does Small Business Saturday matter?

Yes! Shopping locally boosts your local economy. Small businesses are owned by and staffed by people within your community. Their profits directly impact local tax revenues and provide living wages for employees.

Yes! Shopping small is environmentally friendly. When products are locally produced it reduces the carbon emissions used for transport. Not to mention it cuts out the need for air mail and a fleet of delivery trucks.

Yes! Shopping at local  businesses improves your quality of life. Do you like living in an area with cool shops and a unique local flare? Then it’s essential to use your dollars to keep these local gems in business.

We hope to see you out and about, shopping small this weekend!

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