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What’s Inside a Chocolate Caramel Apple?

A Chocolate Caramel Apple with all the ingredients displayed in bowls on a marble slab.

The Anatomy of a Gourmet Chocolate Caramel Apple

Explore the crunchy sweet origin

Our chocolate caramel apples have been handcrafted using quality ingredients since 1986. Let’s explore the anatomy of a chocolate caramel pecan apple!

Big, Juicy Apples

We start with big, tart granny smith apples that we extra crunch and juice – they are perfect for chomping into a caramel and chocolate-covered treat. Additionally, we never wax our apples, so you taste only fresh, crisp apple in every bite.

Sturdy Sticks for Secure Holding

To securely hold these large apples, we pierce them with sturdy sticks made from 100% North American hardwood. These durable sticks grip the apples tightly, therefore you don’t have to worry about losing chunks of apple while you eat. Consequently, you can enjoy your chocolate caramel apple down to the last bite without any mess!

Kettle-Cooked Caramel

We only use the finest ingredients like fresh cream, butter, and cane sugar to create a perfectly chewy, creamy caramel. Hand-crafting it the traditional way in an open-copper kettle in small batches, we then dunk our apples in premium, pure milk chocolate.

1 chocolate caramel apple cut open with text describing the different layers inside and outside components.


Not only do we coat each apple in luscious caramel and real chocolate, but also, we offer a variety of delicious toppings. We generously apply by hand high-quality ingredients like crushed pecan pieces, buttery homemade toffee bits, and fresh peanuts for full coverage on each apple. In addition, we drizzle the remaining apples in pure milk or white chocolate!

Order Our Famous Sweets Year-Round

At Chocolate Storybook, our chocolate caramel apples are 3.5” wide, so you get a generous amount of sweet and crunchy goodness in each one. When you take a bite into one of our chocolate caramel apples, you’ll see why we’ve been a beloved treat since 1986! Because we are committed to using only the finest ingredients, our chocolate caramel apples are extra tasty. We are eager for you to sink your teeth into the sweet, crunchy perfection this fall season! Take a look at the selection below and order online today!

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