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Presidents and their candy

George Washington, Cherry Cordials

George Washington could not tell a lie. His honesty is epitomized when he chopped down a cherry tree and then confessed to his actions. Maybe Washington chopped down that tree because he loved cherry pie and cherry treats. Based on this we highly recommend Washington give our Cherry Cordials a try*.


*We have not tested this product on wooden teeth and cannot guarantee it would react well…


Ronald Reagan, Jelly Beans (in-store only)

It is no secret President Reagan always kept a bowl of jelly beans on his desk. If the Oval Office was located in Des Moines, Iowa we would keep his jelly bean dish well stocked with a variety of flavors from coconut to strawberry cheesecake.


Abraham Lincoln, Muddy Pigs

President Lincoln loved a hearty breakfast and by some accounts his favorite food was bacon. Mr. Lincoln, have we got a treat for you! Our sweet and savory Muddy Pigs chocolate covered bacon will keep you energized all day!


Donald Trump, Trump Hair Cotton Candy

After Chocolate Storybook made 44 flavors of gourmet cotton candy we thought it only appropriate to dedicate our 45th flavor of cotton candy to our 45th POTUS. Our butterscotch cotton candy has a striking resemblance to the presidential hairdo and we are sure he would get a real kick out of it!


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