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New Thermoformed Tub to Replace Plastic Model

New Thermoformed Tub to Replace Plastic Model 

Sustainable efforts and creative repurposing solutions

Chocolate Storybook partnered with the Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS) at Iowa State to develop a thermoformed tub that is made with 80% recycled water bottles. In many European countries, single use plastics have been eliminated in favor of more recyclable packaging, and it is speculated that single use plastics may become obsolete in the U.S. within 10 years.

“It is our social responsibility as a manufacturer to become more sustainable,” co-owner Meg Shearer said. Chocolate Storybook’s goal is to replace existing tubs with this new model to help protect the oceans and land from vast deposits of used plastics.

This initiative started as Cotton Candy production increased and Chocolate Storybook began looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. Recycling plastics reduces landfill space and the amount of energy and resources (such as water, petroleum, natural gas, and coal) needed to create plastic. The tubs should prove to be only slightly more expensive to produce at first. However, the barrier properties will be stronger, ensuring a fresher product for longer periods of time. They project to replace all existing tubs with the new model by 2022.

Meg said they want to set an example of steps businesses can take to create a greener environment. They also hope these changes will encourage and educate consumers to reduce their plastic waste.

Currently, Chocolate Storybook added a new recycle code on their label that directs consumers to check with their local waste management company for recycling instructions. The code encourages consumers to repurpose the tub.

Meg crafted creative ways the tub could be repurposed. The tub is dishwasher safe and features a resealable lid to make it a perfect food container. Use it to store fresh fruit in your fridge, fill with leftovers, or use on-the-go for lunch. As a kid friendly product, they also encourage fun crafting projects for the whole family. Easily remove the stickers to create a blank canvas for your next DIY project. Use acrylic paint and your imagination to design a flowerpot, pencil holder, or piggy bank.

Chocolate Storybook encourages everyone to reflect on ways to create a greener environment this Earth Day.

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