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Caramel Apples

Chocolate Caramel Apples

A gourmet treat you won’t find anywhere else.

Each Autumn, memories of tart Granny Smith apples covered in soft caramel beckon. At Chocolate Storybook this classic fall treat is now a year-round delicacy reimagined with buttery caramel and pure chocolate. We lovingly dunk our apples in buttery, kettle-cooked caramel and top them with pure milk chocolate. From there some are drizzled in white chocolate while others are coated in roasted pecans or buttery toffee bits.

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A Sticky-Sweet Tradition Since 1986

At Chocolate Storybook, we take pride in creating delicious and decadent treats for our customers, and our chocolate caramel apples are no exception. We take great care in selecting our apples, choosing only those that are at the peak of freshness and flavor.

Then, we lovingly dunk each apple in buttery, kettle-cooked caramel, which is made from scratch in our kitchen using only the finest ingredients. Once our apples are perfectly coated in caramel, we top them with pure, creamy milk chocolate. The combination of sweet caramel and milk chocolate creates an indulgent treat that stands apart on its own, however we amplify the experience with a variety of toppings and drizzles.

Our traditional apples are uniquely drizzled in creamy white chocolate that customers have known and loved for generations. For those who prefer a little crunch in their sweet treats, we also offer chocolate caramel apples coated in roasted pecans or buttery toffee bits. These add a delicious nutty flavor and a satisfying crumble to our already decadent apples, making them a truly irresistible treat. All apples are carefully packaged in a festive cello-wrap with regular or seasonal design patterns.

The Ultimate Gift For Someone Special

In addition to being a delicious treat for yourself or a loved one, our chocolate caramel apples also make a great gift for any occasion. They are a popular choice for fall festivals, parties, and holiday gatherings, and are sure to be a hit with anyone who loves sweets year-round. Teachers can’t resist this stick-sweet treat!

 Whether you’re looking for a classic chocolate caramel apple or a more unique flavor, we have something for everyone. So come visit us or order online to indulge in the sweetness and decadence of our chocolate caramel apples – we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Apple Days

Don’t miss out on the juiciest event of October! Each autumn, Chocolate Storybook celebrates all things tart and sweet with our week-long Apple Days event. We offer over 15 specialty chocolate caramel apples in endless combinations. These special flavors include apples dipped and coated in M&M, Toffee & Pecan, Triple Chocolate, Cinnamon Apples, Jack-o’-lantern, Caramel-only, Mummy, Snowball, Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Hawkeye, Sprinkle, Cyclone, Cookies & Cream & Snickers. We guarantee you won’t find anything like this at your average chocolate shop!

Check out this video of how we create our Toffee Chocolate Caramel Apples!

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