Sharing the Good Stuff

Welcome to the wholesale division of Chocolate Storybook, an old fashioned yet modern confectionery company that makes candy by combining only the freshest ingredients using time honored recipes instilled with handmade quality.

Since 1985, the Chocolate Storybook has been a beloved destination for delicious handmade chocolates and unique gifts. We know that taste is only part of the equation. Each Chocolate Storybook item is designed to be a masterpiece in the art of gifting.

A Distinctive Label

For more than 30 years, Chocolate Storybook has meant uniquely delicious chocolates and treats. Seeing a Chocolate Storybook product on a shelf means food realized in the time-honored way, handmade and lovingly crafted from the finest ingredients.

Chocolate Storybook provides wholesalers with a brand that stands for quality, rich-tasting treats. Our products are ones that customers seek out and are eager to find. The same excellence and decadence that our fans enjoy in our store can be delivered directly to your clients and customers.

Working with a trusted company like Chocolate Storybook enters a wholesaler into a partnership in which we work hard to provide you with best products at the fairest prices. We believe in keeping promises and honoring commitments. A wholesaler is no different than a customer that walks into our own shop and you’ll be treated that way.

Sharing What You Want, Whenever You Want

What makes Chocolate Storybook unique is our desire to deliver whatever is asked of us. If you want a custom tower with the items of your choosing, we’ll do what we can. If you want chocolates in a unique shape, flavor or design, we’ll get working on it. We ship anywhere in the United States (15,000 packages a year!) all in the hope of delivering on a simple promise: you deserve whatever you want.

Want to start your Chocolate Story? We want to hear from you and more than that–we want to help you share something good.