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Share Something that Impresses

You have coworkers, employees and clients–how do you let them all know how much you appreciate them? Let the experts at Chocolate Storybook help you in the art of giving.  Whatever you want to say, we can help you say it with chocolate.

Find the right something

We have just about every kind of treat or sweet you could want from luscious truffles to chocolate covered bacon but how do you find the right one for the right person (even if that person is you)? That’s why were here to help.

At Chocolate Storybook, we want to make sure you are giving the perfect gift. It’s why we provide personalized service and respond to every inquiry or request.

Do you have a basket or tower in mind that would be perfect for a coworker or client if only one part of it was swapped out with another? We can do that. Need some packages in your office to hand deliver and others to be shipped across the world? We can do that too, in the same order.

It’s our goal to be completely responsive to your professional giving needs, to make giving to the important business people in your life easy, simple and fun. All you have to do is ask for something and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Share something tasty

Everything we make at Chocolate Storybook is delicious. We make sure of it.

We understand that when you give a gift to a coworker, employee or client, you need to make sure they’ll appreciate it. That’s why every handcrafted treat that’s made in our kitchen is created to the highest quality.

Using the finest ingredients and taking our time to refine tried and true recipes, our expert chocolatiers provide a delicate flavor experience that is unparalleled.

Our new products are endlessly tested to ensure that they are the best they can be so you don’t need to worry that the person receiving them will be disappointed.

We’ve been making chocolate for a generation and we have expertise you can taste.

Share something that says something

Everyone loves chocolate but at Chocolate Storybook, you can share unique gifts you can’t get anywhere else so that they’ll mean that much more.

Need a gift for a coworker, employee or client that means even more? We specialize in personalized service and products. From custom cards to unique shapes, arrangements and even logos or names printed on chocolate, we can help you share something truly special.

Your order is unique and precious and the real people who process it here at Chocolate Storybook treat it that way. Every part of your gift can be arranged to your specifications.

Giving a gift for business can be a struggle when the gift feels impersonal. There’s nothing impersonal about sharing treats from the Chocolate Storybook. Across your professional life, across the country, we can help you share something good.

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